The Update Center project team is pleased to announce the release of version 2.3 Update 1 of the toolkit. Highlights of key issues addressed in this release include:

  • Desktop notifier always uses the latest available version of the toolkit when multiple images are present.
  • Desktop notifier continues to check for updates even when invalid images and repository access errors are encountered.
  • Update Tool GUI and Desktop Notifier are better prepared to handle incompatible images emerging with version 2.4 of the toolkit.
  • Java Bootstrap no longer causes out of date catalog cache requiring "pkg refresh" as a workaround.
  • Java Bootstrap no longer overwrites existing publisher UUIDs.
  • Java Bootstrap initialization property optin.usage.reporting has been retired.
  • Java API enables setting publisher UUID even when no UUID exists in the publisher configuration.
  • Java API automatically sets publisher UUID when not already set.
  • makeimage developer tool works properly with file URLs on Mac OS X.
  • Various localization gaps addressed.
Developers can obtain the release on the download page and review the detailed list of changes in the release notes.