It's been a while since I used Firefox and I'm really not impressed with the 3.6 release. It's interesting to see how adoption by the masses often happens when technical excellence is long gone.

I've been a Safari user for the most part and managed to live very well without any plugin (which was the real test for me). Safari is just faster and so much lighter-weight than FireFox. But Chrome has been my default browser for the past couple of weeks and so far I really like it. It's as fast if not faster than Safari, the integration with Mac OS is certainly as good, and I have yet to experience a crash. I am missing a few features though :
• how can I easily create a link on my desktop for the current URL? On Safari I was simply drag-n-dropping the bubble icon from the location bar.
• how do I see/use syndication for the current feed. Again, very easy in Safari. No obvious equivalent in Chrome.
• how do I configure the thumbnails on the "New Tab" view?