Recorded at SC09.

Abstract: Time is no longer a best performance programming tool, by just waiting 18 months for a doubling of performance. The discussion initiated by last year's panel led to the conclusion that parallelism must seamlessly be woven throughout the CS curriculum. This year provides a diabolic panel focused on details; the six panelists will spend 5 minutes each describing what needs to be done, what they have done, and what they plan to do. The second half will be another near free-for-all with the room and the panelists further discussing these hard to implement simply stated goals.

Panelists include:Tom Murphy-Contra Costa College, Robert Chesebourgh-Intel Academic Program, Dr. Jim Larus-Microsoft Research, Dr. John Gustafson-Intel Labs, Dr. Bill-NVIDIA, Dr. Simon Mclintosh Smith-Bristol College, Charles Peck-Earlham College.

This video has more chapters available here.

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