The next release of NetBeans will be called 6.9. There were some objections against this number (the same were a time ago against 6.6).

The main drivers for this release will be JavaFX and NetBeans Platform. There are some additional themes as JDK7, JavaEE 6, editor improvements etc...The plan of the release is quite simpleMilestoneStartEndWeeksM1 Dev 1/042/01 4M1 Stabilization 2/012/15 2M1 Release 2/17 M2 Dev 2/153/15 4Feature Freeze 3/15 M2 Stabilization 3/154/05 2M2 Release 4/07 Beta Stabilization 4/054/26 3Beta Release 4/28 FCS Stabilization 4/265/24 4Code Freeze 5/24 RC Cycle 5/246/21 4FCS 6/23

If you are interested in more details look at You will find bug criteria, dashboards, supported platforms and more at the page.

It will be really tough to get the release out after the reduction of the NetBeans' team. And nobody knows what will happen when the Oracle will enter the door. Will it influence the schedule and themes?