It's now possible to download the LDoms 1.3 software. The LDoms 1.3 Release Notes list all the new features but some of the ones I particularly like include:

  • Greatly improved domain migration speeds
    • Following on from the speed-up in 1.2 due to using the hardware crypto devices, the migration code in 1.3 has been enhanced to compress the memory and use multiple threads to push the data over the network. The speed-up depends on the memory usage of the domain being migrated but Haik has mentioned seeing improvements of over 80%...
  • Support for link-based IPMP
    • The virtual network and virtual switch devices now support link status updates to the network stack. The LDoms 1.3 Admin Guide includes an example of how you'd configure it.
  • Crypto Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR)
    • You can now add and remove the hardware crypto units from domains without rebooting (just like CPUs and VIO devices). Which is great since ssh/scp can now use the crypto units as well as domain migration. In addition, because of this, you can now migrate domains with crypto units.
  • Support for non-interactive migrations
    • Adding a '-p {password file}' option to 'ldm migrate' removes the need to type in a password when doing migrations.