Logical Domains (LDoms) 1.3 is now available for download and the engineering team continue to do a great job with this latest release.

With the 1.3 release LDoms continues to bring built-in (read no extra costs) and unique virtualization capabilities to the enterprise datacenter. With LDoms, Solaris and Sun's Chip Multithreading (CMT) portfolio you have a stack to beat all stacks. LDoms has grown up and graduated to production environments and we have many customers using it in anger. Here's the highlights of the latest release:
Domain Mobility Latency Reduction: Migrate from system to system more quickly with significant Domain Mobility latency reductions. The chaps in the labs have been doing some testing and are seeing migrations of 1GB of memory every 20 seconds - an 80% performance improvement.

Crypto DR: Dynamically re-allocate your crypto devices between LDoms without the need for a reboot.

Link Based IPMP Support: Respond rapidly to network events. With this functionality one customer was predicting they could reduce their need for network ports by half.

Dynamic Resource Management: Automatically have the resources placed where they are most needed (at the vcpu/thread level).

Off course you shouldn't take my word for it, why not check out the blogs of some of the key LDoms engineers Eric Sharakan and Alex Chartres.

Download LDoms now.