This isn't about saving green house gases and reducing carbon output. It's about the cost of energy to a business. The respected Gartner Research Group has stated "[FONT='times new roman', times, serif]During the next five years, most large data centers will spend as much on power and cooling as they will on hardware infrastructure."[/FONT][FONT='times new roman', times, serif] [/FONT]

There are a few businesses that take this seriously, but I'd venture to say at the end of the day a lot of executives have unintentionally treated energy cost as a soft expense. I wonder how many CEOs or CIOs actually look at their IT budgets and consider data center and desktop energy expenses as part of the total IT budget (not even mentioning all the megawatt-hours of lightbulb consumption by businesses outside of regular work hours - but I digress :)?

If a business, especially those with large data centers (>=50,000 sq. ft. ), treats "going green" and "alterative energy" options as short-term, third-choice, expensive options they might be missing the long-term savings and long-term return-on-invest. And, at the end of the day you might even be able to reduce your carbon footprint !!