LodgOn and iVox both helped launch idealegemeente.nieuwsblad.be, a web site to build your "ideal community" in Flanders for some 140.000 citizens, all sharing their choices via the web and Facebook.

LodgOn's Johan Vos explains in the detailed questionnaire how this web site went to production in December 2009 using GlassFish v2.1.1 but also how GlassFish v3 is clearly in the radar for future deployments. He also comment that "(he is) very careful not to include a bunch of external jars that duplicate functionality that is already present in another form in the JavaSE or JavaEE stack".

This production deployment uses MySQL as the database, and Jersey (JAX-RS implementation) plays an important role in the overall architecture. As always, to understand what this user likes most about GlassFish but also what he would like to see improved read the questionnaire.