As already blogged by Chris,

With the push of this feature into Solaris:
6874309 Remove NIS+ from Solaris
PSARC/2009/530 Removal of NIS+

a bit of Solaris history is made. The namespace that was to replace NIS (YP) has been survived by the system it was to replace.
My first day at Sun Microsystems in 1995 was the day I first touched NIS+ having geekily read and re-read the white papers prior to my joining. Chris was already service's recognised NIS+ expert world-wide so I was in excellent company as tentatively typed my first niscat.
To witness its removal is eerie to the least. The irony is that I'm now the manager responsible for the team that just removed something that's been been a golden thread running through my career at Sun for what is almost 15 years. I'll raise a virtual glass to all the people who've worked on it and with it - cheers. As Chris said, "it was fun".