A domestic wintry day (high of 3C with gusts of very unpleasant wind) recalled and illustrated.

  1. Made pancakes, a double recipe and we ate ?em all. I use a mix from Anita?s Organic, it?s tasty and easy.

  2. Dotted & crossed some Clojure i?s & t?s over coffee.

  3. Took the 3-year-old off to the Sunday morning toddler drop-in at Riley Park; a couple of bucks gets the kid decent snacks and two big rooms full of every which toy; you can scan the Net on your mobile, chat with the other parents, and intervene when the toddlers go a little too feral on each other.

  4. Watched the last third of the remarkable Saints-Redskins game, and the first third of the promising Giants-Cowboys game. Cold pizza for lunch.

  5. Put up Christmas lights on the front of the house. It?s tall and narrow and I like to run the lights right up to the peak, so this requires slinging a 36? ladder around. Its brand name is Lite; hah, I ache, I ache.

    Still, it was sunny albeit icy, and the ten-year-old is now capable of really helping, and all the neighbors and passers-by smile and wave when you?re putting up lights.

  6. Cooked a beef roast and baked potatoes; an anomaly in our generally light and Asian-flavored diet. There are very few foods indeed that compare with a high-quality Russet potato, properly baked.

  7. Washed it down with an excellent 2006 Township 7 Merlot; mmm.

  8. Put the fireplace to work for the first time this year.

  9. More Clojure i?s & t?s; when you think you have good results to present, you?d like them to be airtight.

Hmm, that flare at the back right looks almost like a living thing. Let?s have a look through the other shots... hey! There?s Gormley the Fire Sprite, entertaining us as we digest.

2009 hasn?t been a great year, but there are still some OK days.