It had been a long time since I had used my OpenSolaris. So I wasn't actually aware of the state of the system. I got this nice little icon at the top telling me to update my Operating System. So I just clicked on the link and the update was on its way. It was around 350MB download and I waited patiently for the download to complete. After the download, IPS started to create a new Boot environment and then suddenly it stopped and gave me an error message that there is no free space left in my system. Wow!! Great! Now I have to delete the files and then download again!! x-(

So, I went to my home directory and tried deleting some files. But, Oops!! OpenSolaris came up with this message: "There is not enough memory to delete the files". I thought that if I reboot my system, things will be back to normal. So I tried rebooting... but gosh!! OpenSoalris refuses to boot!!! Aargh!! what should i do now????

I did the most obvious thing... logged into another system and went to the OpenSolaris forum and found the solution! :-)

All I had to do was the following:

1. Log in to maintenance mode (as root).

2. Delete some zfs snapshots.

3. Reboot.

To list all the snapshots, all I had to do was run the following command:

zfs list -t snapshot

To delete the snapshot I had to run the following command:

zfs destroy snapshot_name

Thats it..... :-)

There are 2 things, however, that needs clarification:

1. Why didn't IPS issue a warning when there was very less space in the system?

2. Why was I not able to delete files when the file system is full?

I guess these are bugs that need to be solved. You can follow the bug on bugzilla here: