Starting the week at SC2009. There will be releases later in the week regarding top500 and our positions on it. Speaking personally, I'm anxious to see where my baby (RedSky at Sandia) winds up. It has been a long two years since I wrote the first words of the RFP response. To be sure it has been a team effort, but there are a couple of us (myself and the Sales Representative Jean Villamarin) who have lived with this baby from conception, through gestation, birthing, educating and now graduation from the great school of Top500 results. So stay tuned.

I've already seen one press release here from System Fabric Works on their contribution to the Red Sky effort. They provided invaluable expertise on the OFED stack and Infiniband. We owe a great deal of thanks to David McMillan and Bob Pearson for their contributions on this project.

Stay tuned, this should be an interesting week.