Novell Sets OpenSUSE 11.2 Free
... told that virtualization wasn't a focus for the 11.2 release, though there are updates for both the Xen and VirtualBox hypervisors ...
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Karmic and Virtualbox video problem at the blog of Chris
By Chris
I thought I'd give Karmic Kubuntu a spin under Virtualbox, which I installed via the Live CD. After installation it booted, but the resolution was very low. Nevermind, I thought I'd just do the latest updates and then reboot to ...
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third world county OK, ?Officially? Liking VirtualBox, Now
By David
third world county - ?In a democracy ('rule by mob'), those who refuse to learn from history are in the majority and dictate that everyone else suffer for their ignorance.?-third world county's corollary to Santayana's Axiom.
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Words from the inside Resizing VirtualBox Images (VDI)
By jasuarez
So how to resize a VirtualBox Disk Image (from now on, VDI)?. VirtualBox doesn't come with appropriate tools, and after googling for a while, all solutions proposed to use a live CD to resize the partition. ...
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VirtualBox: access Windows-host | Configbytes
By rstaples
Here's a nice snippet I found when looking for help guest to host file sharing. VirtualBox: access Windows-host shared folders from Ubuntu-guest.
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