WebOS SDK 1.3.1 Now Available for Download
Moreover, they reveal that the emulator checks the VirtualBox version to ensure it is the supported one and that ?the palm-install command-line tool from ...
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Friday 13th, November 2009
Few of the free virtualization softwares are Vmware, virtualbox, Virtual PC 2007 and xensource. I feel very comfortable with Vmware for XP and Linux. ...
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Access Physical Disk in VirtualBox- Desktop Virtualization ...
By admin
This step by steps method explains how you can access physical disk in desktop virtualization software Sun VirtualBox. Unfortunately this cannot be done easily.
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Linux and Whatever Blog Archive Virtualbox 3 running slowly
By admin
Recently I installed Virtualbox 3 in Mandriva 2010. I found that it's performance was painfully slow. I spent 3 hours attempting to install a guest O.S. Worse yet I spent even more time trying to figure out why it was running so slowly. ...
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thinkiii: vlan tag under vmware/virtualbox
By orca
When I was trying to add a vlan tag on my network traffic, I found that the tcpdump can read the correct vlan id information when I was using VMware or Virtualbox, but it failed to read that on my host machine. ...
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Running Games on VirtualBox - /gg FTW!
By Miyuki
[Introduction] Ever heard about virtualization? Do VMWare or VirtualPC sounds familiar? For now I'd say about Sun's VirtualBox, it's also similar as those other 2 virtualization as I mentioned above,
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