Recently my Favourite actor Chiranjeevi came to the office I used to work earlier to collect funds for flood relief(Last month we had floods in South India which made some thousands home less in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka). I asked my old colleague to share some photos he had of the visit.Then he kept the photos in a folder and shared them in his php server and gave me the link to view the photos.

But I wanted to download all the files he shared. So I thought of searching in the google for a for a suitable program that could help me to get the files.Luckily there was a newsletter from zdnetasia in my inbox the same day about how to use wget to mirror a website locally.

Its a single line of command in my ubuntu notebook that did the job:

$ wget -rkp -l6 -np -nH -N

Refer to man page of wget to know what each option does if you really care or visit this link see the original post.