An foreword by Jörg: This is the first blog entry written by Heiko. "the deliverer's knowledge" is just a working title and it's referring to the fact, that Heiko delivers vast knowledge on a daily basis at various customer sites. I just add the uncoporate non-design. So this is Heiko direct and unfiltered. Please welcome him. PS: Another substantially longer article will be online soon.

Take a look at:
# ndd -get /dev/ip ip_addrs_per_if
That's the default. You can set the count up to 8191. (Btw: That's already the max. number of local zones per global zone)
# ndd -set /dev/ip ip_addrs_per_if 8191
But keep in mind, the newly set value isn't boot-persistant, so you should set it during the system startup. For example by creating a transient SMF service or an init.d-script