The Java Storeteam here at Sun is in the final stage of readying things tofling open the doors to shoppers in the next week or so !

This means one more tweak of the store front:just like in a physical store, polishing signage, perfecting thedisplay areas and checkouts: in this case making the final UI changesto the all-JavaFX desktop app thatshowcases all the Java and JavaFX applications in stock and allowspurchase and installation.

And it means final verification of the apps that will be on the shelvesof the store on the day it opens - approaching 50 already, as participants in thebeta program will already know - with more applications, rangingfrom free to paid, to come. All comingin at the back of the store, the Java Warehouse, which hasbeen pretty busy of late.

So if you have a Javaor JavaFX app that's looking for an audience (like, perhaps the 60-70mthat download the JRE each month...), you should stay tuned to the Planetarium. Much morein the coming weeks !