And the YANPA's (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application) just keep on coming in! I don't even need to use google to find them anymore, now they're crawling right into my inbox. For example, recently Dave Gilbert from the (awesome) JFreeChart project drew my attention to one seriously cool NetBeans Platform application, which you'll hopefully hear more about soon, once the interview with the related developers is complete.
Then, today, literally within the space of a half hour, Sven Reimers and Nicolas Dumoulin, both of whom work on YANPA's themselves, sent me e-mails (i.e., separately, unbeknown to each other, from different countries) about YANPA's they've recently come across.
So, in order of appearance in my inbox a few hours ago:
  • Gephi. I never knew of this application until Nicolas from SimExplorer told me about it. (More on SimExplorer in a future blog entry.) "Gephi is an open-source software for visualizing and analyzing large networks graphs. Gephi uses a 3D render engine to display graphs in real-time and speed up the exploration."
    Here's one of several screenshots available on the related site:

    Now, read here about NetBeans Platform on the Gephi site. In his e-mail to me, Nicolas adds: "It's NetBeans Platform based, and it rocks!"
    Amphinicy Technologies. The next e-mail, i.e., not half an hour later, was from NetBeans Dream Team member and Duke Award Winner Sven Reimers. He writes that he "just came across two YANPA's". They're from Amphinicy Technologies, "a premium provider of complex and technologically advanced software solutions. Amphinicy?s team of experts designs advanced solutions for satellite machinery which help the satellites run in orbit and enhances their utility."
    Here are the screenshots that Sven referred me to:

Pretty cool, need to add them to the NetBeans Platform Showcase soon, which currently has 99 screenshots, over 20 more waiting to be added, and several more in the pipeline from companies that have been requested to show off their cool work on the NetBeans Platform!