It is a great joy to see SailFin v2 arrive on schedule with all the planned features....Kudos to the entire SailFin team that has put in tons of hard work in the last 8 months to get this release out...In fact, I should say, the team has been putting in several additional hours on a consistent basis for the last 2.5 years from the time we kick started this project...Results of the hard work are for all of us to see.. This version is a significant improvement from the earlier version in terms of the enhancements, new features, and stability. If you are interested in knowing what is new in V2, please go through this blog from Prasad

With this version, we have SIP Session Replication fully functional. For enterprise users who cannot have any downtime in their application environment, this should be a big relief. Though Converged Load balancer has already been there in our previous release to provide clustering capability, this is the release that introduces fail-over support to make the HA story complete. Key enhancements have been done to (i) improve scalability (ii) provide pluggability through SPI for alternative persistence options and (iii) avoid any downtime while upgrading the applications or the application server through Rolling Upgrade. Watch out for blogs from Shreedhar and Bhavani to know more on these enhancements... Bhavani has also made a new HA sample available that can be tried out if someone wants to experiment these new features.. We have invested significant amount of time on improving the performance on UDP, and HTTP for pure web apps. Our internal tests have shown good numbers and we will wait to hear your feedback on this...Apart from this, support for Multihome and Dual stack(IPV4 and IPV6) have been added. Also, we have improved our load regulation logic to avoid false alarms while protecting against CPU overload.Now users can regulate the SIP traffic based on CPU, Memory and Queue. Ramesh Parthasarathy has worked on these implementations, and he has a lot to say in his blogs. Check them out...Sankar's work to improve the Logging functionality in this release will help users to troubleshoot their production system that is running normal load without significantly impacting response time.

Our quality team has spent major efforts in certifying this release. Community participation in this regard was also significant. As an indicator to this, more than 50% of the issues were filed by the community. We have tried our best to fix as many issues as possible in this release. Since it is a HA release, we ran several longevity and stress test scenarios to certify our HA story. Our perf. team has run several scenarios to make sure the product performs well under different conditions. All our tests were done on 64 bit JVM as this is a newly supported configuration starting from this release. This version of SailFin is built with a newer version of GlassFish. GlassFish v2.1.1 is the new version. Several bug fixes have gone into that release making it more robust.

Again, as with our earlier releases, Ericsson has played a significant role in the design and implementation of some of the key features. Feedback from Ericsson, and several other members from the SailFin community have helped in shaping this release....Thank you!!!

To check out this version, you can download from the community site at or go to Sun's download site at .

Don't forget to visit . Here, Binod aggregates all the SailFin blogs on a regular basis and makes it easier for readers to come to one place to get SailFin info. ..Most of the blogs have been written by engineers who have actually designed and developed the features mentioned above.. So, you get to hear from the source....Also, to know more in-depth about an individual feature, you can also check out the one pagers at this location.