Next is what ? That's a tagline of a consumer electronics brand in India. Its catchy and kind of reflects the question that a lot of people have today. What comes next ? As we release Sailfin today, its fair that people may ask , OK now what comes next ?

Before we get there , lets digress to take a look at the Sailfin / GlassFish ecosystem ...

Sailfin is built on GlassFish , and leverages GlassFish for most of the Application Server functionality and all of the Java EE functionality. The plan is to continue building Sailfin on top of GlassFish and leverage the improvements and enhancements being made in GlassFish as well. What this means is that Sailfin would be a Java EE 6 compliant application server and would be modular ( OSGI-fied). Sailfin v3 would be based on GlassFish v3 and the plan is to release a single instance version by Q1 2010.

SIP Servlets simplify development of applications using SIP , they abstract a lot of background infrastructure work needed to setup the network, threading and object management. However, the average Joe developer who knows all about web technologies, RIA technologies, who has great ideas on adding voice to existing scenarios, still needs to work on getting to know SIP so that he/she could create a mashup potentially using voice and IM. CAFE ( Converged Application Framework) is a framework designed to abstract complexities for SIP Servlets and provide a set of easily usable artifacts which would enable web developers to create conferencing , presence and IM enabled applications. CAFE is planned for a release in early Q1 2010.

Sailfin 2.0 has new features like High Availability of Sip Sessions, Support for traffic separation on multi-homed machines. However, the list of features to be added is anything but exhausted and this means that we need another release, which is production ready ( read that as 2.x series) with new more features that help the production customer as well as the developer. A Sailfin v2.1 release is planned in late Q2 2010.

Now comes the question, what is the plan for a production ready Sailfin based in GlassFish v3 ? Sailfin HA is built on top of the cluster and HA support in GlassFish and hence such a release ( what could be termed as a v3.1 ) will be available once GlassFish v3 with HA support is ready. The ETA for such a release is Q4 2010.

In short here is a summary of the releases planned
Sailfin v3 EA : Q1 2010 - Developer version of Sailfin based on GlassFish v3
• CAFE : Q2 - 2010 Converged Application framework on top of Sailfin
Sailfin v2.1: Q2 2010 - the next production ready release for Sailfin v2
Sailfin v3.1 :Q4 2010 - Sailfin v3 with clustering and HA support.

Download Sailfin 2.0 from here and follow Sailfin on Twitter @SailfinCS

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