All of my two readers asked me to update the Developing 3-D Games with the NetBeans IDE and jME tutorial to jME 2.0.1 (which the jME sneakily released last month while I wasn't looking) ;) so I did that now, sorry for the delay, please have a look!

The biggest change in this release is the directory structure of the packaged native libraries. And linking those libraries correctly is, coincidentally, the biggest blocker to get started. So the vital java.library.path instructions stopped working at all with 2.0.1. I updated them now, but I only tested it on Mac and Linux, too lazy to start Windows, and I may have made typos when spelling out the long path. If you tried the tutorial, please leave a comment whether it works -- and which on platform you tested it, would be nice. :) Yup, jME is truly platform-independent now, there are natives for Solaris too! Dang I missed trying that at work.

(Speaking of native libraries, does anyone have experience with getting jinput and lwjgl for 64-bit Macs? Someone on the jME forum had the question, but I'm still using a 32-bit Mac and wouldn't know. Would suck if that didn't work?!)

I also hurriedly updated the downloadable sample project (the one with the fabulous blue teapot). It also includes two Ant targets for packaging the application into platform-dependent distributions. (I still need to check how I can decrease the file size here.) If you just want a quick test whether jME 2.0.1 works for you, try this sample project, and tell us here whether it works.

Also note that the tutorial mainly targets beginners and users who want to get started writing their app quickly. I may later add more configuration tips for developers who check out the trunk. My version of the tutorial uses the (static) sources directory that comes with the download. But you guys are smart enough to live on the bleeding edge of the jME sources, then you can also follow the tutorial and figure out to use your trunk checkout path. :) Have fun!