US AMI Details AMI ID :
AMI Manifest :
sun-opensolaris-2009-06/ISC_hardened_opensolaris_2009.06_32_V_1.1.img.mani fest.xml
aki-1783627e / ari-9d6889f4
License :

Europe AMI Details AMI ID :
ami-78567d0c AMI Manifest :
sun-opensolaris-2009-06-eu/ISC_hardened_opensolaris_2009.06_32_V_1.1.img.mani fest.xml AKI / ARI ID:
aki-2181a955 / ari-b49fb7c0 License :


Immutable Service Container configuration is intended to be used as a virtual single system. The global zone performs administrative and monitoring functions similar to those of a system controller whereas all end-user services and functions should be installed into the non-global zone. In this way, services such as packet filtering, NAT and auditing can operate without being exposed to services or users operating inside of the non-global zone. This enables greater operational integrity as those services and users are not able to alter the configurations or logs associated with these services. Additional non-global zones can be added as needed. This configuration uses a single exposed network interface and IP address for all of its communication even though internally the service is separated to run inside of its own non-global zone.

Organizations can further customize the configuration based upon their requirements to add things such as resource controls, read-only and read-write file systems (to the non-global zone), specific users and services, etc.

More Details

For detailed explanations on Immutable Service Container Configuration, Please Visit

Architecture Diagram

Europe Launch:

To run this AMI in Europe (AMI ID: ami-78567d0c), change the following environment variables before launching the AMI:

bash # export EC2_URL=""
bash # export LOCATION="EU"
The other env variables remain the same as documented in the getting started guide.

NOTE: a unique must be generated for each region before launching an AMI.(Use ec2-add-keypair > keypairfile after setting the above env variables).



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