Highlights from Wed, Sept 2, 09

9:00 am tour of MPK16 with Linden Labs -- one word, AWESOME! Chris and Amanda were great. And of course, they loved what we were doing =) Inevitably something goes wrong while doing a demo, Second Life was down so we couldn't demo MPK16 replicated in SL. Chris hopped on the computer and gave it a go to fix the issue. In the end, the SL developers were all over it and we were able to do our demo after all. We had about 12 people in MPK, physically and "virtually" (Second Life and HD Video). Amanda and Chris gave us great feedback and helpful links, blogs, YouTube videos to check out. We are now following Amanda on twitter @workinginworld... We're collaborating on a Case Study with Second Life, how cool is that?
11:30am Cloud Computing Social in MPK16 Break Area -- We had about 70 people in the next gen area! 40-50 people were expected, but with people traveling to the Bay Area for the All Hands, there was a full house, boy was the place buzzing! Even a Senior VP was spotted in a Breakaway in Studio Two eating pizza and having a quick discussion with a couple Directors. It was amazing how well the sound masking worked, even when the party was roaring in the Break Area, Labs folks were able to continue working with the usual noise level. The smell of the pizza now is another story. Pictures of the event are available on the Open Work wiki