Here's a round-up of the music I've been recommending this week on Twitter. Best of the week are the two jazz tracks.

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  • The New 5: New York Hotel - Good jazz track, with enough melody to be pleasing and enough syncopated modernity to be interesting. 8 enjoyable minutes of music. ****
  • Ben Allison: Fred - More pleasing jazz. Creative brass-led and lyrical instrumental ballad. ****
  • Rusty Anderson: Where Would We Go? - Buskerish singer-songwriter ballad. ***
  • The Duchess & the Duke: Hands - Strummy/twangy semi-acoustic ballad with added cheesy organ and mournful lyric. ***
  • A Bad Think: Long WayTo Go - Simon & Garfunkle-ish guitar-led ballad but with reflective female vocals. I quite like it. ****
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