We all know and have read that Oracle and particularly Larry and theCloud Computing hype have been somewhat at odds. Some examples:Undoubtedly there are several other assertions to this effect. Granted,Larry doesnt seem to like the term. And many of Cloud Computing's avidfollowers do admit thathe has a point. Yes, googling for Ellison+Cloud+Computing yields millions of hits.

Does this mean Oracle refuses to do Cloud Computing? Not at all. Followthe money trail instead. Googlefor Oracle+Cloud+Computing and you can see a very different picture.I was impressed by the prominent presence of On-Demand versions of all Oracle products at the OOW DEMOgrounds. Virtually, all products (at least ones I know about) had On-Demand versions on display. And talking to various product managers reinforced this feeling.Oracle may be influenced by Larry's disdain for the Cloud Hype andHyperbole, but it is run by how muchmoney is on the table. As it should be. And in this regard, ithas plenty to offer. Consider these broad references:Oracle had a presoat the recently concluded Oracle OpenWorldwhere the presenters outlined Oracle's On-Demand portfolio, "includingOracle's cloud, software as a service (SaaS), and on-demandvision to outline how customers can use unparalleled flexibility totheir advantage in the purchase, deployment, support, hosting, andmanaging of their Oracle solutions" (words from their abstract). Itmakes for an interesting reading (requires membership or fees toaccess). Moreover, Salesforce.com had a HUGE and prominent presence in Moscone West.

My conclusion: forget the hypeand the bluster surrounding Larry and Cloud computing. Focus on whereOracle is delivering products, datacenter services and a very flexibleset of offerings. My guess from reading Oracle's 10K is that it makes aton of money (in the hundreds of millions of dollars) on it and expectsthis trend to grow. So, expect more from Oracle, not less, in thisregard. The company knows there is plenty of money to be made byshowing leadership in this domain and it isnt going to ignore such ajuicy opportunity.