Yesterday I had my first experience of virtual world crossing over to real world ... of course we were at Linden Labs. As we entered the lobby and proceeded to check in, someone stood up and introduced herself to us (as if we would know who she was). After looking into all our blank faces, she added ... and my avatar's name is ... Ah, finally, rang a bell. It was the oddest experience. We have all seen and worked with her in Second Life, she helped us with our replication of MPK16 in SL, but nobody had met her in real life or met her on video before.

It is common to hear stories where people have talked on the phone and emailed for years before meeting each other in person. Guess the next generation of the story is avatars meeting in virtual worlds for years ... Just seems strange because virtual worlds allow people to put a face to the name, just a different name and a different face!

If you are interested in Virtual Worlds and have not seen the awesome video put together by Greylin Fairweather (aka Robin Willaims), check it out! It's on YouTube... Introduction to Virtual Worlds