The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with SPARC64 VII processors (configured with 4 CPUs) and Sun Storage7410 Unified Storage System has achieved exceptional performance for Oracle Hyperion Essbase and Oracle 11g database for hundreds of GB of data, 15 dimensional db and millions of members running on free and open Solaris 10.

  • The Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System provides more than 20% improvement out of thebox compared to a mid-size fiber channel diskarray for default aggregation and userbased aggregation.

  • The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with Sun Storage 7410Unified Storage System andOracle Hyperion Essbase running on Solaris 10 OS provides < 1secquery response times for 20K users in a 15 dimension database.

  • The Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage system and Oracle Hyperion Essbaseprovides the best combination for large Essbase database leveraging ZFSand taking advantage of high bandwidth for faster load andaggregation.

Performance Landscape

System Processor OS Storage Dataload Def.Agg UserAgg Sun SE M5000 4 x 2.4GHz SPARC64 VII Solaris Sun Storage 7410 120 min 448 min 17.5 min Sun SE M5000 4 x 2.4GHz SPARC64 VII Solaris Sun StorageTek 6140 128 min 526 min 24.7 min Results and Configuration Summary

Hardware Configuration:

  • 1 x Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 (2.4 GHz/32GB)
    1 x Sun StorageTek 6140 (32 x 146GB)
    1 x Sun Storage 7410 (24TB disk)
Software Configuration:

  • Solaris 10 5/09
    Installer V
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase Client v
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase v
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase Adminstration services 64-bit
    Oracle Weblogic 9.2MP3 -- 64 bit
    Sun's JDK 1.5 Update 19 -- 64-bit
    Oracle RDBMS 64-bit
    HP's Mercury Interactive QuickTest Professional 9.0
Benchmark Description

Oracle Hyperion is a OLAP based analytics application used to analyze businessneeds and plans that is highly dimensional detailed, such as"what-if" analysis to look into the future, build multi-user scenariomodeling, planning, customer buying patterns, etc.

The objective of the benchmark is to collect data for the followingOracle Hyperion Essbase benchmark key performance indicators (KPI):
  • Database build time: Time elapsed to build a database including outlineand data load.

  • Database Aggregation build time: Time elapsed to build aggregation.

  • Analytic Query Time: With user load increasing from 500, 1000, 2000,10000, 20000 users track the time required to process each query andhence track average analytic query time.

  • Analytic Queries per minute: Number of queries handled by the Essbaseserver per minute Track resource, i.e. CPU, memory usage.

The benchmark isbased on the data set used by Product Assurance for 2005 Essbase 7.xtesting.

  • 40 flat files of 1.2 GB each , 49.4 GB in total
    10 million rows per file, 400 million rows total
    28 columns of data per row
    49.4 GB total size of 40 files
    Database outline has 15 dimensions (five of them are attribute dimensions)
    Customer dimension has 13.3 million members
Key Points and Best Practices

  • The Sun Storage 7410 was configured with iSCSI.

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Disclosure Statement

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise,, results10/13/2009.