I've finished the workaround for the sshd privileges issue. I ended up writing a simple setuid C program so that our PAM module could unmount the loopback filesystems. I had been using an RBAC-based approach, but that requires that the user own the mount point for each loopback mount. The more I worked on it, the more failure scenarios I ran into because of that requirement. The setuid approach had none of those issues, and it turned out to be much simpler to code than I had been expecting.

So the changes have been committed to the repository for the SCM infrastructure, and the new bits have been deployed on the backup SCM server. The only thing left is to deploy on the primary SCM server.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I'll now have time to finish off the OSCON trip report. Instead, I'll be focusing on a change to the way we deliver crypto binaries to ON developers.