• Open Core: The worst of both worlds
    "Open core tries to find a middle ground between proprietary software and free software, but it reaps the benefits of neither and inherits the problems of both." While the narrative leaves room for questions, the point - that open core neglects key benefits of open source and can lead to fighting with your own community if they get too eager - is spot on.
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  • IOC Sends C&D Over Olympic Photos on Flickr
    Whatever the legal standing of a Swiss corporation trying to control the behaviour of an Australian citizen with photographs taken in China (and this article suggests it is marginal-to-non-existent), the very fact the IOC has bothered to issue the letter to my friend Richard is a ridiculous abuse of authority and the petty tyrant who thought to do it should be ashamed of bringing the Olympics into disrepute by an attack on a customer and supporter. I hope President Lula is watching closely (I bet the UK Labour government is applauding and installing extra surveillance to prevent a recurrence in London 2012).
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  • Open Source Scorecard to be proposed to OSI
    DJ picks up the news. He's right this s nothing new. The difference this time is that it needs to actually become part of what OSI does on behalf of the community, rather than just general research and conversation. I hope we can gather together much of the work that has been done already and use it to fast-track this process.
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