At a party the other night in Stockholm, Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, raised a glass of champagne and shouted something that sounded a lot like this.....

BigAdmin er ond-good fun!

Since we don't speak Norwegian, we figured he was announcing that BigAdmin had won the Nobel Prize! Is that cool or what? We are pumped! (And suitably humbled.)

Our biggest fans, the Sikhs on the bus, are beside themselves and claim to have known all along.

Now, we're not sure exactly which Nobel Prize we won, but we're pretty sure it's the one awarded for the best translated docs. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Hiroko Matano and Yutaka Suzuki in Shinobu Matsuzuka's group from Sun's Tokyo office, BigAdmin has built up quite a collection of translated articles. They just finished publishing....

We are very, very sorry that we had no new Italian translations to post. Siamo molto dispiaciuti. Hiroko and Yutaka have been experimenting with a combination of human-machine translation. We were surprised at how good the results were. Far better than machine translation alone, but quicker and cheaper than human translation alone. (You'll notice the disclaimer at the top of each article that has been partially translated by machine.)

By the way, we got a peek at the machine that did the translations, and it looks a lot like this all-aluminum 427 cu-in (7.0L) ZL1 V8 engine that debuted in the Corvettes and Chevys of 1969. It's rated at 430 hp and 450 lb.-ft. (610 Nm) of torque. For the full story about the revival of this monster machine, go to

- Rick