Sun recently announced new releases of Sun Ops Center and the Solaris Operating System (OS) . Sun will be at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference October 11-15, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where we will be showcasing these new releases, and will present demos of the latest innovations for Oracle applications. Click here for the latest information about Sun at Oracle OpenWorld, including presentations.

Sun Ops Center 2.5

Most folks familiar with Sun's data center software management offerings know Sun Ops Center as a systems management solution that includes virtualization management, provisioning, and patching, and monitoring features and functionalities. Sun Ops Center is designed to control server sprawl, enable a flexible environment, improve compliance and increase productivity in the data center. The latest version, Sun Ops Center 2.5, extends lifecycle management capabilities to Sun's built-in virtualization technologies, including Solaris Containers and Sun Logical Domains (LDoms). In addition, Sun Ops Center 2.5 can help customers lay the foundation for managing private cloud environments.

Click here and listen to Steve Wilson, Vice President of Systems Management at Sun, (aka Virtual Steve ), talk more about the new and exciting features of Sun Ops Center 2.5. These are also outlined in the press release.

Solaris 10 10/09

The Solaris 10 OS is a proven, industry-leading operating system that is supported on over 1,000 x86 and SPARC-based platforms and runs over 11,000 unique applications. With over two decades of Sun/Oracle collaboration, there are more Oracle database deployments on the SPARC/Solaris combination than any other OS and Sun is leading the way to bring high-performance solutions for the entire range of Oracle products.

Like previous versions of the Solaris OS, Solaris 10 10/09 leverages the innovation and contributions of the OpenSolaris community, including investments by third-party companies such as Intel and AMD. Additionally, installation, update and patch features have been enhanced; support for new systems and power management capabilities are now available; and Solaris ZFS has been updated to integrate Flash technology, the next revolution in storage hardware, into the operating system in Solaris 10 10/09. Solaris ZFS also now allows administrators greater flexibility in setting usage limits in several ways, including by individual file system, user or group.

Click here to get the Solaris or OpenSolaris Operating System.