My manager forwarded to the team this article on that ranks the best jobs in America. I was surprised to read that Technical Writer was only ranked at number 28. From my (admittedly skewed) perspective it should top the list.

Technical writing is a challenging job that offers the opportunity to educate yourself and others while getting paid. Over the years I've worked at some amazing companies, and with some incredibly talented people. And I get to write! And I get to create diagrams and illustrations! I might not have the paparazzi on my tail but can Nicole Richie explain the difference between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption? I think not.

So if you're a teen (or a parent of a teen) who is trying to decide what to do with yourself as an adult, read up on technical writing. It's a way of making a living that makes me want to sing a daily Happy Working Song (as embodied by Amy Adams in Enchanted).