It's time to continue my little overview about the community work in the framework project. Today I want to enlighten the work on a new feature. Thanks to our volunteer Robert Zhou from CS2C we can start to implement it, which is currently targeted for 3.3. This feature is called:

Search Toolbar


The motivation for this feature is to enhance the speed of searching text and to avoid a dialog window hiding the content of the document.


The goal for 3.3 is to provide a tool bar which will provide quick text searching without hiding document content. It shall include forward and backwards searching, search for all occurrences, case and whole word matching.

Below you can see the current mock up from the current search toolbar specification (late draft).

Due to the fact that we have a volunteer who is not very familiar with the all projects which are needed to implement this task, the feature set is limited. I don't think that this is a drawback as otherwise this interesting feature won't be included in soon. The feature should be available for Writer only.

Please keep in mind: There is no chance to ask for enhancements on the first run. The most important goal is to get this feature done. Enhancements and new features can be added if there is time and the volunteer is willing to continue his work.

Thanks to Jaron Kuppers, Robert Zhou, Stefan Baltzer, Zhu Lihua and Li Meiying who worked on the specification. The complete specification can be found on the wiki server:

If you interested to help us we are looking for volunteers for QA, user experience and developers. There is no need to be an experienced open source volunteer. You can start with easy tasks and get familiar as time goes by. Therefore everybody who wants to join the community can provide valuable input. This is your chance to actively influence the progress of

You can contact me via e-mail or subscribe to the framework development mailing list. Everybody is welcome. The framework team will help you to have an easy start.