New and experienced OpenOffice users wrote about the office suite this week with blogger Nikki reporting that she has ?found it to be very user friendly,? saying ?it is a great alternative for those who either don't have or cannot afford MS Office.? Another blogger focused his attention on OpenOffice Draw, calling it ?a powerful graphics package,? and highlighting the connectors feature between shapes. And finally, long-time OpenOffice user Jack Wallen published a tutorial demonstrating how to install extensions in OpenOffice, with which he said ?you can expand the capabilities of this outstanding office suite.?

VirtualBox users were abuzz this week, posting dozens of reviews and tutorials for the popular program. One blogger posted a short introduction aimed at new VirtualBox users and said, ?it's in my opinion the easiest to work with on all platforms and likely the easiest for the beginner,? when compared to other virtualization technologies. Another blogger reported that VirtualBox saved the day by giving her the ability to read .vhd files natively, ?without any conversion hoops to jump through,? after setting up Windows with a Cisco VPN running on Linux in VirtualBox. Finally, a blogger excited to have access to Magicjack exclaimed: ?Hooray for VirtualBox! I can have my Linux and Windows too!?

NetBeans bloggers had commendations for different features of the IDE this week, with a blogger from Edmonds Commerce Blog working on a project with heavy Javascript requirements reporting that ?the excellent jQuery support in NetBeans (my IDE of choice) is making this a real pleasure to work with.? Adam Bien wrote about this week and said: ?The integrations with the NetBeans IDE is unique ? it is very easy and convenient to find and check-out an existing project and nicely integrated chat.? Other NetBeans users focused on helping others, with a blogger from totalprogUS describing how to create your own shortcuts with the NetBeans macro and a blogger from XLAB tech discussing how to access classes and resources from multiple modules in the NetBeans classloader system.

OpenSolaris enthusiasts shared praise and tips for the operating system this week with a blogger from IT knowledge Indy applauding the OS saying it ?is perpetually ahead of the curve in the computer world,? and that it demonstrates Sun's ?ability to be innovative and flexible.? Regular OpenSolaris aficionado Stanley Huang described how to decompress rar files in OpenSolaris on his blog this week. And finally, a blogger reported on his successful installation of the 2009.06 release on a ?still powerful? Sun V40Z, and gave tips for anyone else looking to install the latest release on an older system.