It is my pleasure to be invited as a panelist in a discussion on Energy Efficiency in the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change ( held on 7-9 October 2009. The conference was filled with a lot of decision makers from government and business sides to share their thoughts on how to help the climate change issue in a concrete manner. This was reported in the local newspaper here.

Regarding energy efficiency or Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction, Sun has always been the pioneer and active promoter in computer industry (see here) and I delivered the following key messages in panel discussion from Computer Industry perspective:

  • Eco-Friendly CPU and Server - UltraSparc T2 Plus and T-Series Servers. Actually, you can find HSBC endorsement here on how these kind of servers can increase throughput by 3 times via saving energy and cooling by 30%
  • Datacenter Redesign - Improvement of airflow, replacing old model servers with 'Energy Efficiency' Servers, leveraging virtualization or consolidation on servers and storage can save up to 40-50% in energy consumption as well as electricity bill according to live cases in our Datacenter in US and Eurpore as well as some live deployment in our customers in Malaysia and Switzerland. Want to know more, click here.
  • SSD and Tape to tackle storage growth - there is a study showing a 50% growth in new data annually and equipment to hold the data will consume significant power accordingly. SSD can save around 40% in power per G and 98% in power per I/O. Tape is good for archiving solution together with our sophisticated Tape Library that use it as data storage/retrieval media instead of dump backup media. Some large banks and hospitals in Hong Kong do use this technology to store their huge amount of CT-Scan images, compliance document or unstructure data. Please note that one important difference between tape and disks on storing archving data is no power or cooling required for tape the data stored in that media. While disks always require power and cooling even they are idle and they have a shorter life cycle. This is a recent Archiving system deployed in Hong Kong by our storage specialist, Chan Tsz Hong, that contains disks and tapes to store large volume of unstructure data. Click here for more details on this solution.
In the conference, most of the speakers or panelists are from construction, transportation or finance industry and I am almost the only one from IT/Computer industry. What I can do is to increase the awareness to the non-IT audience to pay more attention on environment related metrics in their upcoming IT projects or budget instead of just focusing on pure dollar amount metric. Questions like server utitlization, electricity bill, cooling requirement, eco-friendly computer product, design of datacentre or modular rack/colling design should be put in system/project requirement and active monitoring should be carried out by the business side to control GHG emission from their IT systems.