With availability of Milestone m1 on branch OOO320 (OpenOffice.org3.2) automation team - as always on a way to a release - starts to testeach milestone based on a matrix.
Autotests were made more stable inthe past weeks and are now prepared to run 'Greenstate' for thisrelease. In case of errors found by test scripts beginning with m1 theyhave to be close analyzed as they may be failures in OpenOffice.org.Please contact script owners if an error was found and you need help to analyze. For all potentialerrors in test scripts a CWS will be created to fix them and have fixesavailable in following milestone. Of course main goal is to assure OpenOffice.org remains free of issues for QA automation purposes.
All results of automated tests are collected in QUASTe[1]and are available to everyone to see what has been tested. An overviewof what should be tested one can take a look on the matrix[2]

English installsets are tested with automated tests of category 0 by SUN automation team[3] with tests of Category 1-3[4] by module owners[3] on selected platforms and languages.

Allcommunity members are invited to run automated tests on platforms andlanguages of their choice. This should be tests of category 0 at first.See matrix what selection fits best to you.

If you have any questions please contact dev@qa.openoffice.org or responsible testers.

Thanks for your support.

1 http://quaste.services.openoffice.org

2 http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/...easeTestMatrix

3 http://qa.openoffice.org/ooQAReloade...ationResp.html

4 Category tests