You may have experienced difficulties in the past week trying to access the website (or via which redirects there). We'd like to apologize for any inconvience that may have caused.

The GlassFish team itself has suffered from this outage and we've been in close contact with CollabNet (the company running the site) to track the progress made. If you're interested in the latest details of what's going on, please consult this recent blog entry and this earlier one.

Having said all this, things should be almost back to normal, but if you're still not able to access the site, please send email to escalation_manager @ with your IP address, wether it's a static one or provider-allocated and the country you're working from.

Also, note that if you're looking for a download of a stable version of GlassFish (including GlassFish v3 preview), you can certainly do that from the pages and even get to the very latest promoted build using the update tool.