The Online Support Center will no longer be available from October 30,2009. Already, I'm seeing e-mails from customers concerned about this due to the perception that they will loose access to Sun's online resources. Here's some examples of comments I've been receiving, along with a quick confirmation of whether they are accurate.

SunSolve is EOL in 2009 - FALSE

SunSovle is chaning it's portal - FALSE


SunSolve and Online Support Center are two different applications - TRUE

Here's a quick recap on alternatives available:

1. Use SunSolve to access patches, knowledge, and if you can not migrate to the Member Support Center make use of the Service Request process. What SunSolve does not have is the ability to view the details of your contract.

2. Alternatively access Member Support Center (MSC) after requesting access . MSC allows access to approved users to Service Request creation/updates, viewing install base records and viewing contract details.
3. If you need to download software, make use of the Download Center. If you are searching for restricted downloads for example the Enterprise Netbackup Software the links are available on SunSolve. Log in to SunSolve and search on "How do I download" to return the articles for downloading restricted software.

If you've still got questions about SunSolve or the Member Support Center, check out our online SunSolve and Member Support Center Community Forums. [First time users: Learn More]