Interested in the new Chart features that will be available in OOo 3.2? Have a look:

Bubble Charts

The Bubble Chart is available as new chart type now. Bubble Charts are similar to the XY Charts, but in addition to the x-and y-value foreach data point a third value is used to influence the size of thebubble.

This issue was one of the top voted feature request recently within the chart with something around 50 votes.

Filled Net Chart

Another new chart type 3.2 is the Filled Net Chart. The Filled Net Chart is similar to the regular Net Chart with lines, but thearea between the lines and the origin is filled in addition.

Rotate Data Labels

The options for data labels have been extended further. Itis possible now to rotate them. This is useful especially for column charts to avoid overlap between the different labels.

Display of hidden cells

Did you ever had a spreadsheet where some columns or rows are hidden? You now can decide whether those values from hidden cells should be included into a plot within a chart or not. Just set the check box in the properties dialog of the data series.

Chart Context Menu

The context menu within charts and parts of the menu have been reworked to address some usability issues.
Forexample the common entry "Object Properties" has been replaced bysomething more descriptive. The offered command in the context menu nowshows the name of the selected object. So it says for example 'FormatLegend...', 'Format Title...' instead of only 'Object Properties...'.
Thecommands 'Insert Titles...', 'Insert Legend' and 'Insert/DeleteAxes...' have been added to the context menu in case the chart area,the chart wall /floor or nothing is selected.
Accessto the data series properties is now also offered in the context menuof a single data point. So you are not lost anymore if you have clickeda second time on the same series.
A new entry'Insert R2' is offered in the context menu of an equation in case R2was not added so far. Otherwise 'Delete R2' is offered. In the contextmenu of a trend line a new entry 'Insert Rē and Trend Line Equation' isoffered in case no equation was added so far.

Thebehavior of the Insert menu within charts now is selection dependent.In case a single data series is selected or an element belonging to asingle data series the additional elements ( like error bars, datalabels, trend lines or mean value lines) are only inserted for thissingle series. Otherwise the additional elements are added to allexisting series.

Chart Element Selector

A list boxcontaining the chart elements was added to the formatting tool barwithin the chart. Selecting an item in the list does select theaccording element within the chart. Pressing the new button named'Format Selection' next to the list opens the properties dialog for theselected element and allows to manipulate the formatting