My personal experience of COMMS7 installation and configuration.

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I followed the instruction at our wiki for single host installation.

Java 1.6 Version

First of all take care that you get Java 1.6, even it is already installed or get the Java 6 JDK. As per default Glassfish (Application Server) and the WebServer are still using Java 1.5 out-of-the-box, but at least the IM and CalDAV Server are needed Java 1.6 for deploy of the Server Applications.

IM (Instant Messaging Server)

Beside of the current Release Notes the supported Web Container is the Glassfish (Application Server). But you even able to deploy the IM Application in the WebServer (as mention on our the wiki). I've not yet observed any issues as I even deply IM in the WebServer.

Glassfish (Application Server)

The bundled Application Server Glassfish is a bit outdated, you better get the latest version, but you even can install the latest version after installing and configuration of Comms Suite 7. The patch installation, which is a binary will ask you if you would like to upgrade the older version (current Solaris-x86 version is 128648-13).

Calendar Server 7 (CalDAV Server)

Don't ask me why, but the deploy of the CalDAV Application did not work from the init-config in my case. Therefor I manually deploy the CalDAV Application afterwards which works fine.

/opt/sun/comms/davserver/sbin/config-appsvr deploy For some unknown reason the needed JDBC resource are also missing, maybe because the init-config wasn't able to deploy the CalDAV Application. Taking a look into the davserver log files was mention the missing resource.

/opt/sun/comms/davserver/logs/calendar.0 SEVERE [2009-10-02T16:09:18.617+0200] Cannot lookup DataSource: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: defaultbackend not found SEVERE [2009-10-02T16:09:18.619+0200] failed to instantiate or create backend com.sun.comms.davserver.backends.BackendException: Cannot get DataSource: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: defaultbackend not found(OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED) So I've to create the missing resource, with asadmin.

% asadmin create-jdbc-connection-pool -p 4848 --user admin --datasourceclassname com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlDataSource --restype javax.sql.DataSource --property "DatabaseName=caldav:serverName=localhost:user=cald av:password=passwd:portNumber=3306:networkProtocol =jdbc:characterEncoding=UTF-8" caldavPool % asadmin create-jdbc-resource -p 4848 --user admin --connectionpoolid caldavPool jdbc/defaultbackend NOTE: Take care you choose the right user and hostname, in my case 'caldav' and 'localhost'. This is the user and host which is allowed to connect to the MySQL Backend. You might would like to crosscheck your setting on the MySQL Backend.

mysql> SELECT user, host FROM mysql.user WHERE user='caldav'; +--------+-----------+ | user | host | +--------+-----------+ | caldav | localhost | +--------+-----------+ iCal Config

If you try to add an iCal Account for a CalDAV user then you need to take care to use the email address and NOT the uid of the CalDAV user for the Server path in iCal, it has to look like this


You even can access the CalDAV via your Browser but here the URL need's the uid and NOT the email, this is a bit confusing, the URL has to look like this;


Calendar Server 6 and Calendar Server 7 Coexistent

Unfortunately I'm not finished yet with this part completely, anyway the setup is mention at our wiki as well. More to comment on this soon.