I'm starting to plan for Oracle Open World, which starts this Sunday. I find that I'm actually getting kind of excited. With JavaOne (Sun's biggest show) I always know what to expect, and I pretty much knew all about the technologies that interested me. This is not so with Oracle Open World. It's massive, and there is so much new stuff to learn!

I spent part of the day yesterday scouring the program to find all the sessions that interested me. There were really too many to possibly attend (several times there were two sessions at exactly the same time I wanted to attend). Below you'll find my personal list of sessions I'm going to try to go to. I may try to hit a few more, and may miss some of these, but this is my personal target this. I hope to see some of you at these too. It should be a blast.

Session ID Time Room Sunday

Welcome to SUNday--Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy

17:45 Moscone North / Hall D


Solaris Virtualization for Application Consolidation S312622 11:30 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6 Managing Physical and Virtual Sun Systems with Ops Center S312605 13:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6 Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Manager: Tips and Tricks S308083 14:30 Moscone South / Room 303 Get the Most Out of Virtualization: Manage Top-Down from Application to Disk S311846 16:00 YBCA / Novellus Theater Comprehensive Linux Lifecycle Management Made Easy S307463 17:30 Moscone South / Room 302


Oracle Enterprise Manager: The Complete Oracle Ecosystem Management Tool S308065 11:30 Moscone South / Room 303 Optimizing Your Oracle Deployments with the Solaris Operating System S312609 13:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6 Oracle's Virtualization Road Map S312775 14:30 Moscone South / Room 302 Designing Better Desktop Environments with Sun Desktop Virtualization S312617 16:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6 Linux Administration Best Practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager S308079 17:30 Moscone South / Room 307


Oracle Unbreakable Linux: Everything You Need to Know in Just 30 Minutes S307460 13:00 Moscone South / Room 302 Oracle VM: Everything You Need to Know in Just 30 Minutes S307461 13:45 Moscone South / Room 302