In support, we often times run into a problem that is reported by multiple customers. Here is one problem that is generating a lot of support calls this last few months.

Bug CR 6801628 - *Synopsis* Adminserver doesn't detect the server is up and running.

The problem affects Sun Web Server 7.0 admin servers on T5240 machines. When trying to start the web server via the admin gui or CLI, you may see the following error:

ADMIN3584: Error while starting the server. Please check the server logs.However, when you do a "ps -ef" and make a request to your server instance, you will see that the server actually started.


Two possible workarounds exist,
1. On Solaris 10, one can enable the extended FILE facility,

  • stop the admin server
  • add the following to the admin-server/bin/startserv:
    ulimit -n 65536
    export LD_PRELOAD

  • start the admin server
2. For the admin server configuration, tune keep-alive's max-connections value < 100 in server.xml. For example, in your server.xml,


This bug is targeted to be fixed in WS7.0u7 which is due out sometime in November.