After talking about all the SFD events in Fortaleza, I'm going to do a little report about the biggest one. We celebrated the 7th anniversary of Ceará Java User Group (Cejug) on a Saturday (19.09). It was a really big event (pictures below) and it demonstrated how strong the Java community is in Ceará.

The Café com Tapioca, which is the traditional name of the Cejug's events, was a day long and had three presentation in the morning. Bruno Pereira talked about how to be more productive on the web, Régis Melo gave an interesting presentation about developing JEE/JME applications to people all around the globe, and Vitor Pereira talked about some myths created around the so-called agile teams.

In the afternoon, we had four more presentations. Tarso Bessa and Rafael Ponte discussed 10 bad habits of JSF developers. Jeveaux showed us how to use Lucene in order to enhance search tools. Rodrigo Yoshima gave the third presentation and talked about some perspectives concerning Agile. Last but not least, Paulo SIlveira discussed TDD.

Take a look at some pictures (click them to get a better resolution):

There's an entire album here.

Some awards like Java books, Java Magazine digital subscriptions, usb flash drives, discounts on Java courses and three Sun certifications vouchers were raffled during the day. Cejug also offered some baskets filled with souvernirs from Ceará to all the presenters!

It was a beautiful and well organized celebration. Once more, Cejug showed its strengh through an event that will always be reminded by the Java community of Ceará. By the way, we had more than 300 people participating during all day. Thanks to all who waked up early on a Saturday morning and helped us made this event such a sucess!

Soon I'll post more information about upcoming Cejug events. Don't forget to check it out!