Those of you who tested the Renaissance prototypes may have also responded to the survey that popped up afterwards. All in all, there were 1596 complete responses. (There were approx 1800, but the others were not complete) Thanks to Frank's hard work, the results have been compiled, evaluated and presented in a Calc file, however, omitting the comments from the text boxes which sometimes contained personal information that cannot legally be made public. (This has proven to be a continual problem with text boxes, so we are hoping to avoid this dilemma in future surveys by coming up with a solution that will comply with European data privacy laws and let us present all the data). The results in the Calc file be viewed on the Renaissance wiki.

Here are the results from three of the statements in the survey. Just to make you curious to see more ;-)

53% answered that they agree or agree totally that the current version of need a UI redesign. 32% answered that they disagree or disagree totally. This tendency supports the idea of project Renaissance.

66% responded that they agree or agree totally with this statement about the prototypes, whereas only 14% said they disagree or disagree totally. That means, that in these early stages of the project, conformity with user expectations is pretty good. From the comments (see Calc file), the live previews for formatting changes seem to have been especially well received.

Aside from the "Neutral" responses, the "Agrees" vs "Disagrees" are about equal. That shows that the prototypes don't yet have a polished UI (which was never in scope for the prototypes up till now) and that there are still too many clicks necessary to complete tasks.

The fact that there are still too many clicks is okay, because this was to be expected. We had planned to address exactly that by way of the OOo Improvement program data. Frank Loehmann has begun to analyze this user feedback data under the aspect of performing the most common tasks and will report on his findings when they are ready. The idea is to figure out how to reduce the number of mouse clicks or keyboard actions on the way to completing a task in the office suite. Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. We really appreciate the feedback. Please continue to support our step by step effort to reach an improved UI.

The Renaissance Team