Congratulations Micello team for your launch at DEMOfall 09 last week!

At DEMOfall 09 in San Diego, CA, Sun Startup Essentials member Micello showcased how to navigate "inside" places with an iPhone. Watch the video.

Micello has built a database of maps of places people go to shopping malls, college campuses, convention centers etc, and allows users to access, navigate and explore those places using their mobile phones. Unlike, its competitors, Micello keeps its own database of place of interest rather than relying on satellite-based map systems. In addition, by integrating social networking services into the application, Micello brings together all the activity happening inside a building where people gather.

The Micello application is free for end users and can be downloaded from Apple?s AppStore. The application will be available on Blackberry OS, Android, WebOS in the coming months. Micello?s Facebook application is also coming soon.

Micello received glowing reports from the press. Below is only a sample.