Yesterday I celebrated the Software Freedom Day at Fontys Hogeschool Venlo. I opened a stand in front of room 1.87 in building W1. More than 50 people (57) entered the drawing and even more informed their self about free and open source software. The main focus was on OpenSolaris. Many OpenSolaris DVDs and SoftwarePacks has been distributed!

Here are also the winner of the drawing:

SCJP Book Nico Themanns
2GB USB-Dongle Pieter van den Hombergh
2GB USB-Dongle Georg Fleischer
OpenSolaris T-Shirt Patrick Stevens
Sun Microsystems Cap Abdullah Simsek
OpenSolaris Bag Michael Klingen
OpenSolaris Bag Christian Knutz
OpenSolaris Bag Simon Woker
OpenSolaris Bag Pascal Ursprung
OpenSolaris Bag Stephan Melzer
OpenSolaris Bag Yuriy Solovyov
OpenSolaris Bag Markus Krause
OpenSolaris Bag Stefan Arians
OpenSolaris Bag Simon Engbers
OpenSolaris Bag Christian König

At the stand I also arranged a computer, where students could register their self at the OSUM portal. With this computer I also got 16 new students for my OSUM group. Especially first and seventh semester students.

I also used this event to promote other planned events at Fontys Venlo. Many students are interested in the planned certification event. I also talked to the university staff about this to push the planning forward.

Many students also talked to me about more social events I should plan. So in the next weeks I will try to plan some more social events.

I really thank everybody for helping me at this event and thanks to all the students, who attended this event! It was a really great time!