I had two ten-year-old boys with me; they said ?Fight dancing!? Really itwas Capoeira, somewherebetween a martial art and dance form, invented by African slaves in Brazil.There are a couple of stories but let?s start with the picture.

Chili and Blues

This happened at theGastownBlues and Chili Fest.Gastown is a touristdistrict here, blues and chili need no introduction. They blocked off astreet and had electric blues on a stage at one end, and (while we were there)Capoeira at the other. In between were stands selling chili, and you couldget beer or wine.

It was a warm afternoon and a cheery, if crowded event, with only moderatespillover of the sad folk from theDowntownEastside. I?d brought my ten-year-old son and his friend and mythree-year-old daughter, and I?d never actually walked the kids pastvacant-eyed ravaged-faced junkies before. What they call a teachable moment, and I said afew words about beingOn Drugs.

When the Mud Bay Blues Band started in on that?lectric boogie, my little girl went crazy, scampering tothe front and leaping around; I think she?ll grow up to be a rocker. The boysaid he thought it was too loud. Hmm.

The event was supposed to be noon-to-seven, but they ran out of chili atfour. I think I got one of the last bowls, fromWild Rice, and if the otherswere anywhere near as good, that place was chili heaven.

Try Wide and Prime

Having lured you in with talk of food and family and music and dance, I?mgoing to veer into photo-geekery. This is just by way of saying thank-you tothe world in general for the existence of wide-angleprime lenses,and to Pentax in particular for theSMC DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited,which is distinguished by being small, light, and unfragile.That Capoeira picture, and a large majority ofthose Japaneseshots, benefit from its virtues.

I?vewritten aboutthis lens before, and about theadvantagesof prime lenses. This really isn?t an ad for a particular Pentax lens,it?s a call-out to anyone with a replaceable-lens camera to try thefollowing: get a small prime wide-angle lens, leave the others behind, and gofor a walk. You might come across a fight dance.