I would like to say "Hello World out there" again. I decided to restart my blog and share here my experiences.

What happened since my latest blog entry? The most important thing is: WE STARTED A NEW JAVA USER GROUP at the University of Debrecen (Hungary). We plan to have a meeting in every two weeks and during these meetings we will give hands-on labs to each other on actual Sun technologies. The group would like to focus mainly on Java EE technologies, but they also show interest in Solaris and MySQL too. I'll try to do my best to persuade them using these technologies too :) On last Thursday we had an SFD2009 event. I'll post pictures later :)

If you're a student of University of Debrecen, or you're intrested in helping us in easy learning, or you're just wanna make good relationships with hungarian guys, then please feel free to join our online community group at http://osum.sun.com - University of Debrenen (Java User Group)

We will hold our next meeting on next thursday. I'll blog about it too.

I also started to work on an ERP system, wich will be written in Java EE using Glassfish and MySQL. During the last half year I faces many problems that I could solve only by searching Google 1hour+ and finally "on the last page of Internet" I found my solution. :\ I would like to summarize these solutions here and I hope this will help other people solve these (I think) rare issues.

Stay tuned.