This was a rather long day. Could have been longer, our travel office tried to convince me that it would be a good idea to use the 19:25 flight from DRS to HAM. In that case i would boarding right now. After a meeting ending at 11:30. Thank you. But: No, thank you.

There weren't any seats in economy on the flight at 16:25.. It was friday and i assume, the flight was full of commuters. There was a business class seat, but Business is really fscking expensive and something for long distance trips. I'm collecting upgrade miles exactly for such trips. On short trips: not worth the money, same seats and the aircraft is in business as fast as in economy)

I was able to convince them to book a rather strange itinerary: 06:30 departure in HAM, 12:55 departure in DRS to ..... MUC ... and 14:05 departure from MUC to HAM. Due to the strange but neverending wisdom of the airline fare calculation department this was even cheaper than the normal direct flight in economy and i was earlier at home than usual. But this ruined my CO2 balance for quite a time. This will a big minus at the gate to heaven. On the other side ... i use trains, don't use my car to get to work. Perhaps i have a chance to avoid hell ... at least for this stuff.

At the moment i'm fscking tired ... i'm yawning since i left the airport ... my alarm clock ended my night at 04:00. Had to iron a shirt this morning. Just to add insult to injury: I was in bed at 11:30pm the day before. I'm getting old When i was less than 35 years old, i would go to Cinema now without yawning

PS: I will check this entry for errors tomorrow morning