Last week, I attended Launch Party Vancouver 8 (LPV8) hosted by Bootup Labs Entrepreneurial Society and Strutta. This was my first visit to Vancouver and meeting some of the players in the western Canada tech and startup community. They did not disappoint.
Wondering what Launch Party Vancouver is? LPV is an evening of ****tails, chatter and connections. The goal is to help local entrepreneurs connect with investors or individuals who can help them take their startup another step farther. In attendance were some of Vancouver?s leading startups, techies and bloggers.
Eight different companies were strutting their stuff: Lilipip, Hootsuite, Yowza!!, Gist,, DEQQ, Groove Systems and Wireless Image. All of these companies were boasting wonderfully innovative ideas and solutions. A mention to being voted People?s Choice best startup and Hootsuite being voted most likely to succeed by the judges.